A few words about us

We are a small team of geeks with the mission to teach other geeks on how to be successful at their work. Our journey started in 2004.

We are the maker of Bulgaria Web Summit, How.Camp, WebTech, P2P Conference, Community Management Dinner, Frontendia and other awesome events.

we do

Useful events on (almost) everything a modern web person should know.

15 events in 3 countries.

5096 geeks learnt something from our speakers and instructors.

The way
we do it

We are not an "bul**it" type of event. No! We are focusing on the value.

Practical showcases, useful workshops and lots of FUN. This is our secret. (oops)


See three of our next events.

13 April, 2018


UX and JavaScript hand-on workshops by our world-famous instructors.

13 April, 2018

Meet and Talk with Jason Scott

Watch the most popular documentary of Jason Scott. Meet him in person and ask him everything about his job or the Internet.

14 April, 2018

Bulgaria Web Summit 2018

Front-end, Back-end, UX, Design, Privacy, eHealth, WebVR, IoT and Ethereum professionals and amateurs under one roof.


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Made with love in Estonia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.